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Portrait Price List

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All prices shown are based on the canvas area and are for solitary figures only, painted on portrait grade canvas.


Size Price
Head and Shoulders (24"x 30") $5,040
Head and Shoulders (16" x 20") $2,560
3/4 Figure with Hands (30" x 40") $6,100
3/4 Figure (28"x 36") $5,500
Full Figure (44"x 60") $12,000
Full Figure (24"x 30") $9,000
For each additional figure add 50%.  Travel, lodging, shipping/crating and framing are not included.

All prices are based on plain/simple backgrounds.  There will be an additional fee for extra objects in the painting, such as furniture, or other scenery details.  Pets are also and additional fee.

One-third payment is requested at the time of commission and signing of the contract.  An additional one-third is requested when the portrait reaches its midpoint, with the final amount due upon delivery.




Landscape Price List

Landscape prices are $3.00 per square inch of canvas.


Mural Price List

Murals are based on $50.00 per hour.  Surfaces to be painted with a mural should be painted with a base coat of

paint prior to the mural application.



All prices do not include the following:

Framing, shipping/crating, out of town travel/living expenses and sales tax if required.



Tim Tron



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