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Tim Tron started his painting career in grade school, thanks to an extremely encouraging, and wonderful lady for a teacher named Mrs. Rita Bradshaw. With her encouragement, he soon began painting landscapes in his rural Indiana home. 

At the age of 12, Mrs. Bradshaw felt Tim was ready for the next level of instruction, so she arranged for him to meet with the Evansville University portrait artist professor, Mr. Fred Eilers. At the interview Mr. Eilers reviewed Tim's young portfolio and felt he was capable of handling a portrait instruction at the college level. So Tim then went to UE for 2 semesters, taking Portrait Painting I & II. Mr. Eilers felt very confident in Tim's talent level and asked his parents if they would allow him to continue, but since that meant live nudes, they felt that this was as far as a preteen needed to go at this time.

When his grandparents moved to Florida, Tim followed them.  He studied 2 years of Commercial Art at Edison Community College in Ft. Myers under Robert York, a Robert Rauscheburg colleague, with help from a grant from the Art Club of Ft. Myers. 

Tim now lives in rural North Carolina on a small farm. After pursuing other careers, he is painting again and building his portfolio with new pieces that show the latest level of abilities along with many life experiences to influence his style and passion.

We hope you enjoy this gallery and find that  you too might want to someday purchase a piece to enrich your own gallery or home.  Thank you for visiting and come back and see us again.





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