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Personalized Name Art
    Deluxe Letters are objects drawn in the shape of the letter, representing an object that the person your ordering the name art for would like (i.e. hobby, sport, etc..)   Artwork is pen and ink on water color paper, with water colors.   Standard Letters are made up of only flowers, vines and simple objects, again all comprised of colors, shapes, flowers from the preferences of the person you are ordering the art for.
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Combo (Deluxe and Std. Letters):$12 and $8

1 Deluxe + 2 Standard Letters

Price: $28.00 plus ship/hndl.


Deluxe Letters: $12.00 per letter

3 Deluxe Letters

Price: $36.00 plus ship/hndl.


Combo (Deluxe and Std. Letters): $12 and $8

1 Deluxe Letter + 6 Standard Letters

Price: $60.00 plus ship/hndl.

    The "y" is the Deluxe letter in Ray   Wyn is 3 Deluxe letters  

"S" is the Deluxe letter in Stephen

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Letter Pricing
Name to be drawn
Personality: Colors, Flowers, Hobbies, Animals..etc.
Deluxe Letter Pricing
Letters to be made Deluxe

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