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Mangrove Mallards

11"x14" Signed and Numbered Giclee Print

Edition Copies: 500

$49.95 plus Shipping and Handling

The story behind the Mangrove Mallards:

While living in Ft. Myers Florida and working as a Drafstman at Dean Steel, a structural steel building company, incoming drafting work had slowed down to the point, they started talking about laying off some of the drafting staff. So, instead of waiting for this to happen, Tim volunteered to go out into the field and assist the work crews in erecting the buildings he had help design and draw. While working at one such site, on Pine Island, he saw Mallard ducks fly into a brackish water lagoon area with mangrove trees as their cover. This was an unusual site since Mallards weren't indigenous to the area. So, he brought a camera to the job site the next day and was lucky enough to catch them still hanging out in their hideout under the mangroves.

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